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State steers young drivers towards benefits of third-party insurance

16 February 2021

State’s latest campaign is out to help young drivers understand the risks of driving around without insurance – and help them avoid the lasting financial burden that can result if they have an accident. 

The campaign zeros in on how basic third-party motor vehicle insurance will cover a driver’s liability if they accidently hit another person’s car or property while driving.

It comes after community research by State shows Generation Y (people born 1980 – 1996) are the most likely to be out there driving without any motor vehicle insurance whatsoever.

State Marketing Manager, Gabrielle Markwick-Brown says this is an important message to promote to young drivers, as last year around one in five claims against State’s Third Party Only policies came in above the $2,000 mark.

Ms Markwick-Brown says claims figures can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars if a driver collides with a more expensive vehicle, or crashes into someone’s high-priced property.

“We’ve found there are two main reasons why young people in particular aren’t taking out motor vehicle insurance – the first is they don’t believe they can afford it, the second is they don’t think their car is worth replacing if it is damaged in an accident.

“Our campaign aims to boost awareness among uninsured drivers that third-party cover will - at the very least - help them avoid a world of financial pain should they ever become liable for damages after hitting someone else’s car or property.

“Our goal is to encourage young people to take control of the risk and put an end to the horror stories we’ve all heard at some time or another – of uninsured people accidentally ploughing into a BMW or Mercedes and then having to spend many years paying it off.”

Beyond boosting education around the benefits of third-party insurance as a minimum level of cover, State’s campaign will highlight how affordable third-party insurance can be – starting from as little as $12 per month (or the price of three coffees).

Henry Kozak, Strategy Director at Colenso BBDO, says the campaign has provided a great opportunity to lift awareness of an important issue.

“A lot of young drivers don’t know they are leaving themselves vulnerable so we want to right that wrong, and do it in the way only State could - by making the complexities of insurance more simple, more stand-out and more relatable to how people actually live their lives.”

The campaign kicks off on February 15 and will run across radio, out of home (OOH) and digital – with targeted radio activations planned on The Edge and Mai FM. 

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