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New report from State Insurance highlights Kiwis’ most mistake prone moments.

14 February 2022

New report from State Insurance highlights Kiwis’ most mistake prone moments.

State delves into the biggest blunders made by New Zealanders – and busts the most mistake prone myths – in a bid to help Kiwis make fewer mistakes in 2022.

State, the insurance company for those with “too busy” lives, has collated a range of mistake-prone trends to help Kiwis glide through 2022 pitfall-free.

The State Insurance Mistake Report has ventured beyond our most mistake prone days of the week to unearth other nuggets of helpful information – such as, garages are the most mistake prone space in the house, people called ‘John’ make the most mistakes, and there is zero truth to the superstition that more things go wrong when there’s a full moon. 

The report also reveals that midday is the most mistake-prone time of day, breakfast is the least mistake-prone meal of the day, and people living in the North Island are more likely to make mistakes compared with those living in the South Island.

Alex Geale, State Insurance’s Executive General Manager, Distribution, says, “While State will always be here to help Kiwis get back on their feet if they make a mistake, our customers tell us time and again that preventing mistakes from happening in the first place is always preferable to dealing with the aftermath.

“With our Mistake Report we are sharing easy to digest tips and tricks to help Kiwis avoid those costly mistakes that can put themselves, their loved ones and belongings at risk.”

State Insurance analysed data from more than 210,000 car, home and contents insurance claims, as well as publicly available NZ Police, NZ Transport, Statistics NZ and weather data to create the State Mistake Report*.

To further assist customers, Ms Geale explains how State Insurance processed the data to offer up the insights.

“For example, the Mistake Report has told us that garages are the most mistake prone spaces in the house, so we took time to work out why that might be. Our claims experts all agree that the main culprit is clutter – the more stuff we cram in the garage to make space in the rest of the home, the more likely we are to accidentally drive into dad’s new mower, or back into mum’s fancy road bike.

“Our team also worked out that many lithium-ion battery powered devices, such as e-tools, e-bikes and drones, are being stored in the garage, and this trend has led to a rise in house fires that start in the garage. The key insight here is by keeping your garage in order, you’re reducing the chances of making an avoidable mistake.”

This year, to offer a richer, more personalised experience to Kiwis, State Insurance is introducing The Personalised Mistake Report, an online tool that anyone can use to be more mindful about what types of common mistakes could be in their future.

Ms Geale concludes, “We all know that even the smallest mistakes can leave us out of pocket. As an insurance company we have a role to play in educating our customers about the risks that are out there, and how insurance cover protects them.

“We’ve developed The Personalised Mistake Report tool on our website to help Kiwis identify and hopefully avoid mistakes in their daily lives.”

Kiwis can complete their own State Personalised Mistake Report online at https://mistakereport.state.co.nz

Key mistakes from the State Insurance Mistake Report

  • We don’t make more mistakes under the full moon.
  • Your garage is the most mistake prone room in your house.
  • The most mistake prone time of the day is midday.
  • The North Island is more mistake prone than the South Island.
  • You are no more likely to make mistakes on the 13th of the month.
  • There were 583 hearing aids ‘lost or misplaced’ last year, equating to 11 every week.
  • In 2020, 119 wedding rings and 204 engagement rings were lost or damaged.
  • On Halloween, 1 in 5 accidental damage mistakes involved a car.
  • In 2020, kids broke more TVs than cats and dogs.
  • In 2020, 1 in 7 mistakes were made to parked cars on streets called High Street.
  • Monday’s the day more Kiwis flood their house.
  • Tuesday’s the day more Kiwis have a ding in the supermarket car park.
  • Wednesday’s the day more Kiwis lose a wing mirror.
  • Thursday’s the day more Kiwis fry their electronics.
  • Friday’s the day more Kiwis back into something.
  • Saturday’s the day more Kiwis lose or break their spectacles.
  • Sunday’s the day more Kiwis forget important things, like their handbrakes.

*Analysis includes State claims data, 1 July 2019-30 June 2021 and publicly available police, NZ Transport, Statistics NZ and weather data, 1 January-31 December 2020.

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