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Kindness and hope in a parcel​

04 June 2020

The simplest act of kindness can make all the difference in the world

AMI and New Zealand Red Cross revive a symbol of hope for people in need​

We’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic put many New Zealanders in a vulnerable position, with feelings of uncertainty and hardship over loss of livelihood making it tougher for people to quickly bounce back to their feet.

A simple act of kindness can bring a glimmer of hope back into the lives of people who need it most during this challenging time, which is why AMI is proud to support New Zealand Red Cross in spreading kindness and hope through Red Cross Parcels.

Red Cross Parcels have long been a symbol of hope. Many prisoners of war during World War II were provided vital sustenance through the goods included in these parcels. Through AMI’s support, the parcels are being revived to support people who may need some comfort and uplifting through this difficult time.

Roughly 30 IAG staff volunteers from Auckland and Christchurch are joining New Zealand Red Cross to pack parcels containing a range of essential items, such as hygiene products, treats, blankets and wellbeing resources. Around 3,700 parcels will be delivered to 33 communities throughout New Zealand in June that are supported through New Zealand Red Cross services, such as Meals on Wheels and migration refugee programmes which assist former refugees.

Executive General Manager for Customer & Consumer Kevin Hughes says, “We are delighted to support New Zealand Red Cross to provide parcels to Kiwis in need. We really believe that even the simplest act of kindness through a phone call, or a parcel delivered by a friendly Red Cross team member, can make all the difference in the world.”

AMI Marketing Manager Jessica Bunker​ expresses her appreciation to the staff volunteers. “The success of this initiative wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers so thank you to our colleagues who have put their hands up to help us share kindness when it’s most needed.”

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