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All sorts of mishaps covered by contents insurance

11 February 2020

Only 72% of New Zealanders have contents insurance

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dog ran out onto the road and caused an accident, or if you were a bit wayward with a supermarket trolley and it hit a car?

Would you be covered by your insurer?

If you have contents insurance, you’ll be pleased to know that most policies will cover you for these types of incidents.

However,  more than a quarter of Kiwis would either have to pick up the bill themselves or spend time disputing who was to blame.

That’s because only 72% of New Zealanders have contents insurance, with most who choose not to saying “I don’t have enough stuff.”

But AMI spokesperson Wayne Tippet says you’ll be surprised by the list of mishaps that contents insurance covers you for – things that you would never have imagined would be covered.

“Did you know that if you accidentally damage someone else’s property the damage may be covered by your contents insurance?

“Likewise, if your treasured canine friend runs onto the road and causes a car to crash, again your contents insurance comes into effect.”

In today’s world of scooters, bikes and drones, Tippet says you’ll also be pleased to know you’re covered if you or your children (who live with you) get the wobbles and cause damage to someone else’s property. The same if you lose control of that supermarket trolley.

Other examples that come through the claims department include your BBQ or fire pit setting fire to a neighbour’s fence, as well as flying trampolines or garden furniture hitting the neighbour’s property in one of those wintry storms.

“The cost of defending yourself against liability or in legal proceedings for insured incidents is  another thing in the list of ‘did you knows’ for contents insurance,” says Tippet.

So if you’re one of the 28% of Kiwis who don’t have contents insurance and don’t think you have “enough stuff”, then maybe have a rethink based on all these extra mishaps that you’d be covered for.

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