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IAG welcomes new climate risk reporting

15 September 2020

Taking account of climate risks in a key element in incentivising the transition to a low carbon and resilient future.

IAG welcomes new climate risk reporting

IAG welcomes the Government’s announcement of a new reporting regime for climate risk and sees it as an important step in New Zealand’s continued and growing response to climate change. 

IAG believes that climate change is a critical issue for New Zealand. 

IAG New Zealand sustainability and climate change spokesperson, Bryce Davies says the costs of failing to address the causes and impacts of climate change will be substantial.

 “It is vital that all of us reduce the impact we have on the climate, but also that we all prepare for the inevitable impact that our changing climate will have on us.

“Taking account of climate risks is a key element in enabling and incentivising the transition of individual businesses, markets and the economy to a low carbon and resilient future.

This reporting regime is also an important step towards a more sustainable financial system and one that supports the long-term wellbeing of society, the environment and the real economy.

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