Helping people thrive

We’re helping our communities to be safer, stronger and more resilient.

Our Focus

Our communities and our people lay at the heart of our prosperity and wellbeing.  Yet many of them face shocks and stresses which threaten their potential.  And some are more able to live and grow with these challenges than others.  Supporting these communities is vital if we are to see them thrive in the face of their challenges.  

Here’s what we’re focused on:

We're helping our people thrive

We’re working to create workplaces that are safe and inclusive and to provide opportunities for people to make the most of their potential.

Partnering to support vulnerable communities

We’re working with partners to help vulnerable communities. This includes our recently announced partnership between AMI and Habitat for Humanity.

Creating safe and healthy homes together

AMI is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity New Zealand to help achieve their 3- year goal to improve the lives of 75,000 Kiwis living in sub-standard homes. 

AMI is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity New Zealand to help achieve their 3-year goal to improve the lives of 75,000 Kiwis living in sub-standard homes. Dampness, mould, coldness and overcrowding in homes around New Zealand are some of the issues around substandard housing that the new partnership is set to respond to.

IAG / AMI Sustainability Manager, Jess Rodger, is excited about the value AMI can add to the great work Habitat is already doing in this space.

“Having provided home and contents insurance to New Zealanders for over 90 years, AMI knows the importance of living in a safe and well-constructed home.” 

 "We know that lifting the conditions of a home can have a real impact on aspects like energy efficiency, housing durability, safety, stability and wellbeing. With the past year being characterised by greater health awareness and greater time spent at home, we are delighted that this partnership will enable Habitat for Humanity to build on their almost-30 years of experience in housing in New Zealand years, to make Kiwi homes more liveable.”

 "We are also proud to be supporting the work that Habitat for Humanity is already doing in New Zealand, including social rental programmes and delivering homes under the Progressive Home Ownership scheme," Jess says.

The partnership with AMI will enable Habitat to scale its core programmes to support more families, while also educating the wider New Zealand public about what they can do to keep their homes healthy year-round.

We help people in need

In 2020, AMI partnered with the New Zealand Red Cross to revive their Red Cross Parcels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Red Cross Parcels have long been a symbol of hope. Many prisoners of war during World War II were provided vital sustenance through the goods included in these parcels. Through AMI’s support, the parcels were revived to support people who may have needed some comfort and hope through a difficult time.

Roughly 30 IAG staff volunteers from Auckland and Christchurch joined New Zealand Red Cross to pack parcels containing a range of essential items, such as hygiene products, treats, blankets and wellbeing resources. Around 3,700 parcels were delivered to 33 communities throughout New Zealand in June that are supported through New Zealand Red Cross services, such as Meals on Wheels and migration refugee programmes which assist former refugees.

AMI Marketing Manager Jess Bunker helped coordinate this initiative and credited staff volunteers with ensuring its success. “The success of this initiative wouldn’t be possible without our amazing volunteers so thank you to our colleagues who have put their hands up to help us share kindness when it’s most needed.”

We support inclusion

We're proud to be a recipient of the Rainbow Tick.

Amanda Cooper began her IAG career in a State branch in 2004. She started as a Personal Insurance Consultant and went on to take up opportunities in the Underwriting and Risk teams. Now, Amanda leads 700 people in the Consumer Contact Centres team.

In the summer of 2017, Amanda married Anna in Te Horo, just outside of Wellington, surrounded by family and friends. They now have a young son.  Since she began working for IAG, Amanda says she has felt the full support from her colleagues and teams to bring her whole self to work.

Amanda says she feels IAG is in a really positive space for members of the rainbow community. “It was great for us to receive and renew the Rainbow Tick over the last few years and to be involved in a number of events in the Rainbow community”.

Amanda was the executive sponsor for IAG’s Rainbow Tick accreditation, which was achieved in 2018, and it’s something she’s really proud of. “The Rainbow Tick initiative speaks directly to our purpose of making the world a safer place. It says that IAG is a place where the Rainbow community can feel safe, be who they are, and feel included while striving to be the best version of themselves.

“It’s great for IAG to be recognised,” Amanda adds. “It’ll really help with recruitment in the future, for both the Rainbow community, allies and people in general as it shows we support inclusion, diversity and belonging of all people.”

“If all this positively affects just one person and they feel safe to bring their whole self to work then that’s a success,” she says. “My view is that if you come in and do a good job for our business and our customers and you go about the job in the right way then nothing else matters.

“I’ve always trusted that IAG would do right by me and I’ve never been let down”.

We protect our people

We're looking after the safety of our people and customers.

Domestic Violence is a growing epidemic in New Zealand and is and impacting our loved ones throughout our communities.  In 2019, Kayla Ratumaitavuki volunteered to be part of the project team supporting the implementation and achievement of the DVFREE Tick for IAG New Zealand. Working with Shine, a non-profit organisation and New Zealand’s leading specialists in domestic violence, Kayla and the team helped lead with purpose to make our people, customers and communities safer.

The DVFREE Tick demonstrates IAG’s commitment to creating a domestic violence-free workplace where our people can feel safe and supported, should they be directly or indirectly impacted by domestic violence. The programme requires a robust set of tools, resources, policy and process updates, as well as training to ensure our people have the necessary support available should they need it. Kayla was involved in helping to identify what was needed and creating the tools and resources required. Amongst those being trained to support our IAG workforce are our First Responders, a group of our people qualified to assist those who have or are experiencing domestic violence and would like support. We have also committed to training all our people leaders, so they can be more comfortable and confident in those initial conversations with people impacted.

One other thing the project team recommended, as part of the commitment to our communities, was including the ‘shielded’ icon on all our brand sites such as AMI and State, as well as this website. This icon allows people experiencing domestic violence to safely access information and support resources without it showing in their browser history.

“Being involved in this project has been one of the highlights of my career so far at IAG”, says Kayla. “It was fantastic to be able to take our purpose of ‘making your world a safer place’ and really bring it to life for our people, our customers and communities”.