Resilient New Zealand releases report

08 December 2015

In 2015 IAG led the creation of Resilient New Zealand and its research into improving the role of business in recovering from natural disaster.

Businesses are an integral part of our communities and have important roles in building New Zealand’s resilience to natural disasters and enabling recovery when they strike.

We believe the way in which businesses fulfil these roles can be improved. They are in a unique position to strengthen the foundations of resilience and recovery through changing their own practices, working with other organisations, influencing public policy and altering public expectations.

The recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes presented an important opportunity to understand how to do this; to identify and advocate for ways to improve how businesses contribute to New Zealand’s resilience and ability to recover from natural disasters.

Improving the role of business in recovery looks at how businesses can:

  • improve their own resilience and contribute towards community resilience;
  • play a greater leadership role in recovery; and
  • collaborate with other parties to better enable recovery.

Our report, Contributing More: Improving the role of business in recovery, is a starting point for change, and outlines how businesses, central and local government, and industry and community associations can work together to achieve this.

To learn more about the project click here.

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