Transitioning our corporate fleet

22 September 2021

EV Early Adopter Launch 

In early 2021 IAG New Zealand decided to transition our 270-strong corporate vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid cars. This decision was made as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and limiting the impacts of climate change. We have a science-based target to reduce emissions from electricity use and our vehicle fleet by 40% by 2025 (based on FY17 levels), and this change will help us deliver on that target.

On 17 September we officially began our Electric Vehicle Early Adopter Programme, which will see six volunteers from our NZI business take our first individually assigned electric vehicles. We already have four EVs in our pool fleet. Our three Christchurch drivers were the first to collect their vehicles, with one driver in Wellington and two in Auckland due to collect theirs in the coming weeks. All drivers will have Hyundai Ioniqs.

The Early Adopter Programme is designed to help us learn from the experience of our volunteers, especially around range, charging infrastructure, ongoing support, cost and carbon savings. Four of our early adopters have home chargers installed, while two will be relying on office chargers (which we have in our Fanshawe Street and Christchurch offices) as well as public charging stations. We will be gathering insights from the programme over the next three months and sharing these with our other IAG drivers, with a view to encourage broader uptake of electric vehicles over the coming years. 

IAG’s EV journey is being supported by our vehicle lease supplier, LeasePlan, who have been integral in assisting us with vehicle choices and home charging infrastructure.

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