Resource management

14 March 2016

In February 2013 the Government announced a review of the Resource Management Act 1991, with the aim of improving: consistency and guidance; planning; consenting; natual hazard management; and Māori participation.

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

In November 2015 the Government introduced the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill to Parliament to improve the efficiency and equity of the resource management system, including strengthening how natural hazards are managed.

Discussion document

In February 2013 the Ministry for the Environment released the discussion document 'Improving Our Resource Management System', which sought feedback on proposed changes to the Resource Management Act, including changes to the management of natural hazard risk.

Technical Advisory Group

In January 2012 the Government established a technical group to provide advice on sections 6 and 7 of the Resource Management Act 1991.  In July 2012 the group released it's report.

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