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Windscreen service to continue for IAG customers

21 June 2018

The country’s largest insurer, IAG New Zealand, has today confirmed its customers will continue to benefit from the excess-free windscreen repair services option under any of IAG’s brands.

There are no plans to change this for the foreseeable future, IAG’s Judith Harvey says.

Ms Harvey, the National Portfolio Manager - Private Motor for IAG New Zealand, says feedback from customers overwhelmingly shows excess-free glass replacement is one of the most valued services an insurer can provide. The service is paid for through insurance premiums, and when it comes time to replace windscreens, it is done without customers paying an excess if they have chosen to take the excess buyout option.

“We’re proud to continue to provide this service for our customers,” she says. “We insure more than 1.8 million Kiwis, so with our size and scale, as well as operational efficiencies, we’re able to keep this service and keep it affordable for our customers.

“Keeping our customers and their families safe on the roads is a key reason we’re keeping this service going,” Ms Harvey says. “Being able to quickly remove and replace a broken windscreen means those who need to be on the road can be safe while doing so.”

IAG New Zealand operates under the AMI, State, NZI and Lumley brands and customers insured through these brands who have chosen the option will continue to have free windscreen replacement available to them, Harvey says.

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