Supporting Economic Vitality

We’re helping people to make the most of their chosen careers or businesses.

Our focus

The world is rapidly changing.  To the point that our past success does not guarantee our future.  Prosperity depends on our people and the businesses we support reaching their full potential.  For us, providing the opportunities for this to happen sits at the heart of supporting economic vitality. 

Here's what we're focused on:

Investing in the future

We’re are supporting young New Zealanders into careers through programmes like our IAG Trade Scholarships and First Foundation partnership.

Supporting our customers

We’re helping our customers through the good times and the bad.

We enable digital literacy for senior customers

AMI is partnering with SeniorNet for a second year of enabling digital literacy for senior customers.

In 2020 AMI teamed up with SeniorNet to support senior AMI customers to embrace technology in their daily lives and learn more about what it can do for them.

Together, we’ve helped over 1,000 AMI customers aged over 50 by providing them access to SeniorNet’s range of digital support so they can build confidence in using our online services, like paying or making a claim.

Since September 2020, AMI customers have been able to sign up to be a member of their local SeniorNet learning centre and enjoy a 12-month membership free of charge. They get access to a range of digital support which include courses, workshops, peer-to-peer support when using AMI online services and use of SeniorNet’s computers during operating hours.

AMI Marketing Manager Jessica Bunker says, “Our partnership with SeniorNet allows us to continue to make great strides in our digital journey without leaving our customers behind. SeniorNet has helped a lot of older Kiwis keep up with the shift to digital and be more comfortable with doing more online, including managing their insurance, and we’re glad to be able to offer their expertise and resources to our customers.”

In 2021 AMI extended their relationship with SeniorNet for another year and look forward to helping more customers along their digital journey. 

We empower apprentices

Our longstanding IAG Trade Scholarship Programme is helping our young people and builiding the future of the industries we rely on.

Since John O’Rourke joined IAG in 2011 as part of the Claims Services Motor Assessing leadership team, he’s also been in charge of our Trades Scholarship Programme and is proud of how it has developed into a highly recognised programme within the industries it supports.

“It started in 2002 as the State Apprenticeship Scheme and has grown to cover apprenticeships in collision repair, automotive refinishing, glazing, building and even first line management” John explains.

John sees the Scholarship Programme as a valued partnership that IAG contributes to, along with the industries that play such an important role in supporting our business and our customers. “I see this as IAG investing in the future of these industries, in partnership with industry organisations like MITO and BCITO, and we are helping to make sure our customers continue to have qualified people who are providing quality repairs for years to come”.

One thing John is personally really proud of in recent years, is the focus on diversity through the IAG Trade Scholarship Programme. “The industries we are operating in are generally very male-oriented, so we have been pleased to see a number of female apprentices going through the Programme”. Last year a young woman, Vienna Kupa, was the recipient of the Building Apprentice of the Year Award, a first in this particular stream of the programme.

Since its inception, over 515 New Zealand tradespeople have gone through the programme, and currently there are 94 apprentices at various stages of their qualification.

To find out more about the IAG Trade Scholarship Programme click here.

We help build better futures

We have been working with First Foundation since 2008 to help young people through their tertiary studies.

In September 2008 NZI employee Austin Hemmings stepped in to save a stranger and, in the process, lost his life. NZI wanted to recognise his heroism by creating something which shared the same values as Austin and that he would be proud of. That’s how NZI began a long-standing relationship with First Foundation.

The relationship with First Foundation is something Garry Taylor, Executive General Manager – Business, is incredibly proud to support. Not only does it provide an opportunity to honour Austin and recognise his bravery in a really meaningful way, but it also makes a huge difference in the lives of the young people who go through the programme.

“First Foundation is a charity that supports young New Zealanders to go onto tertiary study, by providing a hand up both financially and through mentor support”, Garry explains. ”The charity links businesses and individuals with schools and students to provide this support, from their final year of high school through their tertiary careers”.

Each year, the NZI team is involved in the selection process for the student to receive the NZI scholarship, which includes contributing to their fees and offering work experience during the period of their study. “A number of IAG employees also act as mentors to First Foundation students who are supported by other organisations, helping them out with the challenging transition from high school to university and with advice about their future careers”.

Garry sees the benefits from this initiative as numerous – for our employees, for the scholarship students and for the wider community. He’s looking forward to seeing the impact of our First Foundation scholarship recipients as they head out into the world and make their own mark.